California’s Silicon Valley developed next to the elite universities, Stanford and Berkeley, which had been operating there before. With Graphisoft Park, the sequence is reverse. Technology companies that have been operating here before attracted the universities, epitomizing that in the twenty-first century, the priority of higher education is to serve cutting-edge companies.

Graphisoft Park’s tenants can benefit directly from the knowledge of highly trained young professionals graduating from the educational institutions in the Park, while the universities can benefit from shared research topics, trainings for students, and a daily connection between professors, researchers, and business actors. Exploiting mutual benefits is the main basis for innovation in the workplace.


The Aquincum Institute of Technology (AIT-Budapest) was founded by software entrepreneur Gábor Bojár and inventor Ernő Rubik with the aim of bringing the science of informatics closer to the real needs of IT companies. The Institute offers an English-language “study abroad” program for students from the best universities in the United States. Besides them selected students from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics can participate in the program free of charge.

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IBS's Hungarian and British degree programs are growing in popularity both in Hungary and abroad. With its renowned partner from England, The University of Buckingham, it has been providing skills and practice-oriented training in a range of business areas for many years. Their small-group and interactive teaching method attracts students from more than 100 countries around the world, preparing their students for global labor market challenges in a truly international environment. At present, there are 3 economics undergraduate courses and one master's degree program at IBS where students may obtain bachelor and master's degrees. For IBS’s undergraduate, master's, MBA and doctoral courses, which are taught exclusively in English, there are scholarship opportunities available for those who want to continue their studies in a practical spirit. With its high-quality management, finance, marketing and HR training, IBS offers an alternative not only for those interested in continuing higher education abroad, but also for those who want to build an international career from within Hungary.

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Real School

The REAL School is a novel international primary school even at the European level, where children can acquire the mindset, knowledge and skills to create a sustainable and joyful world for themselves, for the wider society and the planet. The students of REAL School Budapest get to learn in their most sensitive age that they can have a positive impact on their environment and learn through projects, practical experience and active connection with nature. The school aims to function as an innovation studio, where handcraft and digital creative spaces, student ventures, collaborations with external partners and art projects all build young people’s initiative, responsibility, entrepreneurship and social sensitivity.

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