The Park

The key to a company’s success is getting, motivating, and retaining the best professionals. An outstanding work environment is essential for this. This park provides an environment for businesses that helps winning talented and ambitious candidates.

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We are building an environment that keeps workers in Hungary, who would otherwise go abroad.

The key to a company’s success is getting, motivating, and retaining the best professionals. This is especially true for companies that carry out intensive research and development or other demanding, creative intellectual work. By winning the competition for talent, market competition is almost child’s play.

That is why the battle for the best talent is at least as fierce as the market competition itself. And, just as the best firms do not win the market by asking the lowest price for their products, winning competition on the labor market does not depend solely on offering the highest pay. The best are interested in more than money only. The challenge, the quality of the work and the recognition are also important to them. And so is the environment in which they work, where they spend most of their lives. This is where Graphisoft Park offers you a competitive edge.

This park provides an environment for businesses that helps winning talented and ambitious candidates. The first thought of those coming for a job interview will be “how great it would be to work here”. And, anyone who has been here for a long time, can’t even imagine not heading to Graphisoft Park for work in the morning.

Green dominates

Graphisoft Park is located directly on the banks of the Danube in an 18-hectare green area. The designers of the Park paid special attention to nature and the preservation of green spaces. The buildings are surrounded by a spacious grove and the trees grow higher than the houses. The multi-level underground car parks were also constructed with the same purpose in mind, so that the landscape is determined not by the multitude of parked cars but by greenery. The atmosphere is defined by the protected natural park on the Hajógyári island across the river, the lake in the middle of the Park and, of course, the uniquely quiet promenade along the Danube.


The atmosphere is also served by the contemporary works of art placed in the Park. Some of them were chosen by our tenants. Take a look at the picture gallery of the sculptures and the testimonies of their creators.

  • steve jobs
  • Rubik's Cube statue
  • Lead Casting on the New Year’s eve of 2000
  • Endgame
  • Remembrance of the Big Fish
  • Laboratory
  • The Jaded Heracles
  • Metamorphosis
  • Aqueduct
  • Big Fish
  • Bust of Mr. Rátz
  • Word War I Memorial
  • Verem

Customized offices

The offices are designed to serve the needs of our tenants, and we also strive to harmonize the new buildings with the existing office buildings and the industrial buildings of the former Gas Factory standing by the Park.

We provide our tenants with the opportunity to select technologies and materials, as well as install their own equipment already during the construction phase. For this the equipment can be used already from the day the property is handed over.


The Park’s first tenants were large global companies (Microsoft, Graphisoft, SAP, Servier), but despite Park’s relatively high prices, it soon became popular with small start-ups as well. The founders of the Park also started once as startups, so we are happy to serve the global companies of the future as well. For them, not only the unique environment is attractive, but also the chance of spontaneous business relationships with large companies. We also offer small offices tailored to the needs of small companies with a shared reception desk, shared meeting rooms, etc. And those who only need a desk from time to time are welcome to sit in the café on the ground floor of the entrance building (Startup house), which already has become the workplace for many.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We aim to further causes which we feel are important regarding the country, more specifically those which support the success of our target group, reserach and development companies. The fact that various multinational corporations have chosen Hungary for their R&D departments, and multiple of them moved to Graphisoft Park, can be attributed among else to the centuries-old tradition of hungarian mathematics education, which boasts a worldwide acknowledgement. This is also one of the reasons we took on the task of continuing the award for mathematics teachers (founded in 1996 by the eponymous software company of the Park), together with AIT-Budapest. We also gladly support projects which concern our home in a narrower sense, Óbuda, and aim to make the lives of those living here richer and more substantial.


1996: Graphisoft, the software company prepares for its IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The company wants to use the fresh capital to hire the best talent, looking for a location for its new headquarters that could be a worthy alternative to California’s Silicon Valley. After a year of intensive search, this hidden gem of Budapest was found on the Danube bank in Óbuda, among the ruins of the former Gas Factory. Within a year, the first buildings of the Park were built, and the rubble was replaced by the beautiful greenery.


The opening year. The software company that founded the Park, Graphisoft, and the Park’s first tenant, Microsoft Hungary, are moving in. The builder's number one priority was not to optimize the price / value ratio, but to maximize quality. It had been a completely novel challenge for the architects that the goal of creating quality was not to impress the companies’ customers, as it is the case with a bank’s headquarters for example rich in marble and granite, but to maximize the well-being of its own employees.


New tenants arrived after the first residents, but the real engine of growth is the ever-increasing demand for space following the business success of the companies working here. Founder Graphisoft itself quickly outgrew its original building, so it began constructing new wings for itself, and Microsoft ordered a building three times larger than its previous offices.


Following the software companies, another fast-growing high-tech industry of the twenty-first century, the pharmaceutical industry appeared also. Our first such tenant is Thales Nanotechnológia Kft., soon followed by the first research and development laboratory of the French pharmaceutical company, Servier, that was ever established outside of France.


The year of the big leap forward. Europe's largest software company, SAP of Germany, chooses Hungary as the location for its next research and development center. We are building a new 8.000 m2 office building for them, with its own restaurant and gym. With this, the total office space built up increases to 35.000 m2, and the founder Graphisoft is no longer the largest tenant. The time has come to spin off the software company, and the shares of Graphisoft Park SE are being listed as an independent company on the Budapest Stock Exchange.


As an independent company, the growth of the Park is accelerating. We are buying new development areas in the north, west and south; and the original 7 hectares area is expanded to 18 hectares now. The H building, which offers 12.500 m2 of net office and laboratory space is built, and Canon, which has tripled its size in Hungary finds a new home for its headquarters here.


California’s Silicon Valley has developed next to the universities that operate there, Stanford and Berkeley. With us, the sequence is reverse. Technology companies already operating here have attracted universities moving in next, epitomizing that in the twenty-first century, the priority of higher education should be serving cutting-edge companies. The Aquincum Institute of Technology, which provides computer training for American students was established here. IBS International Business School moved in the Park, and the Real School, whose mission is environmentally conscious education was also established here.


Our largest tenant, SAP, is nearly tripling in size and smaller tenants are also growing dynamically. The original SAP building is expanded with new wings, the new Startup House is built, which also serves as the main entrance building for the entire park, and last but not least, the so called South Park buildings are built on the south side of the Park.


82,000 m2 office, laboratory and educational space. 2,000 underground parking spaces. 10 restaurants and cafes. 97% occupancy. An additional 62,000 m2 of office development potential.

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The team

In Graphisoft Park, the three main areas of real estate development are in one hand. Our own team is responsible for the construction of the new buildings as the general contractor, as well as for renting and providing a full range of services to the tenants to create the optimal conditions for creative work and recreation, and finally for the professional operation and maintenance of the properties. This operating model means that we are developing for ourselves from the beginning, therefore in the planning process already renting and tenants' needs as well as economical operation are among the first considerations.

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